Piano Pros Welcomes SEILER Pianos to Greater Cincinnati Area

Piano Pros, known for its sales expertise in the piano industry, has been carefully selected to represent Seiler Pianos in the greater Cincinnati area.  We are indeed excited and thrilled to be able to offer these fine instruments to our clients; Seiler represents an outstanding option for any of our customers that are more suited to a new, rather than a used, piano.


About Seiler Pianos

Way back in 1849, Eduard Seiler started his company and began building pianos in pursuit of a great vision: to build the finest pianos. Over the years many piano companies have come and gone, but not Seiler. For Seiler, the tradition continues…


Under the leadership of generations of the Seiler family through these many years, Seiler has been responsible for some of the most innovative approaches to piano design, sound and playability.  In 2008, Samick Music Corporation completed its acquisition of the Seiler Piano Fortefabrik from the Seiler family and proudly maintains the tradition, musical integrity and high quality of the Seiler piano, while utilizing modern techniques to bring economies of scale to the business.  Simply put: they use people to do what people do best and machines to do what machines do best.


We invite you to come in, play and enjoy this fine instrument!

You’re invited to come into our store and play one our Seiler Pianos. We think you will be amazed to experience the musical quality and value or this extraordinary instrument. Call or come by our store and play one for yourself.



HOURS: Mon-Fri open 10:30AM-5:30PM; Saturday open 10:30AM-5:00PM; Closed Sunday, but available by appointment.

Please call us  at 513-779-4000.